Steinernema Feltiae

Steinernema  Feltiae
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50 million nematodes: Large yard size will treat up to 1/2 acre.

Steinernema Feltiae Nematodes (SF)

Are the most effective against larval control of several fly species (sciaridae, phoridae, leaf miners, domestic fly and also of some moth larvae and other pest insects. They patrol the top 3" of the soil.

Target pests include:

Fungus Gnat, Mushroom Flies, Root Aphids, Fruit Flies, Flea Beetles, Saw Flies, Tachina Flies, Crane Flies, Shore Flies and fruit flies.

They are effective against some plant parasitic nematodes, particularly root-knot nematodes.

Target Pests: Fly pests(fungus gnats), Plant parasitic nematodes, Root Aphids, Humpbacked flies, Fruit flies, Raspberry crown borer, Leaf miners, Cabbage maggot, Cucumber beetles, Shore flies, Black cutworm, Tobacco cutworm, White grubs, Beet armyworm, Onion maggot.

Nematode Application: For 50 Mil. and larger quantity.

Nematodes packaged in an inert powder carrying material that dissolves in water. Applied one teaspoon of the beneficial nematodes per gallon of water. Application in using a watering can, backpack sprayers, pump sprayers, irrigation systems, hose-end sprayer, or motorized sprayer. After mixing the nematodes with water, use the spray solution immediately. Evenly spray the solution over the ground areas to be treated. Continuous mixing should take place in order to prevent the nematodes from sinking to the bottom of the container. Keep the soil slightly moist during the first 7 days after application to help establish the nematodes in the soil. Sprinkle the turf or soil again with water after the application of the nematodes. Apply nematodes as soon as possible for best product performance. You may keep the package of nematodes in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks upon receiving the product.

Nematode Application: For 10 Mil.

Nematodes packaged on a sponge. Place the entire sponge in a bucket add two quarts of water, squeeze sponge for a few minutes to get the nematodes out of the sponge. Discard the sponge and pour the bucket of water into a sprayer or watering can. Add another gallon of water to dilute the nematodes and to make up the volume for your sprayer. The 10 Mil. Nematodes can only be kept for up to 3 days in refrigeration.

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