Diglyphus isaea

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Leafminer Parasite (Diglyphus isaea) These small wasps parasitize leafminer larvae in field and greenhouse crops. The parasitic wasp lays its eggs in or next to leaf miner larvae of the second and third instar. The young parasite larvae hatch from these eggs, and will then feed on the body fluids of the larvae. Duration of development; egg-adult, at 68ºF (20ºC) ± 16 days. Introduction release parasitic wasps between leaves in the morning or in the evening Environmental conditions MIGLYPHUS is recommended when leaf miner infection increases. Storage and handling storage after receipt: 1-2 days storage temperature: 8-10°C/47-50°F bottles standing in the dark Appearance Adults Diglyphus: size 2-3 mm, metallic green, short antennae Other stages: develop near host Mode of action Female adult parasitic wasp of Diglyphus isaea kills leaf-miner larva in the mine and lays an egg on it. The egg develops into a parasitic wasp inside the mine (but outside the leaf miner), using the dead larva as food. Host-feeding also takes place. Visual effect Two weeks after introduction it is possible to see parasitization. The presence of Diglyphus isaea is recognized by short/stopped mines containing a dead larva. Pupae of Diglyphus isaea can be seen when holding leaves up to the light.