Spider Mite Control-Neoseiulus fallacis

Spider Mite Control-Neoseiulus fallacis
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Neoseiulus fallacis This predaceous mite has a strong preference for pest mite species and will travel from plant to plant searching for them. Environment: Does best in warm humid conditions, but will also tolerate low humidity (40% - 80% at 50° - 105°F). N.Fallacis feeds on a variety of mite species, but exhibits little cannibalistic behavior. It is capable on feeding on all prey life stages. It prefers to feed on spider mites, but will also feed on the apple rust mite in the absence of more preferred prey.Fallacis uses two alternative foraging patterns, as demonstrated by research in Nebraska. When prey are plentiful, a random walking pattern is used, allowing them to utilize mites on a leaf most efficiently. When prey are scarce, the predators walk along leaf edges, increasing the chance of moving to a new leaf. Research in Michigan has revealed that this predatory mite exhibits a dispersal behavior which aids in distribution among trees and plants. Individual mites assume a stance that allows them to be carried off on a breeze; this behavior is most pronounced when prey are in low numbers. Massachusetts research has shown that Fallacis uses chemical signals from prey silk and feces to hunt prey, and furthermore uses its own marking pheromone to mark previously searched areas.

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