Spider Mite Control-Amblyseius Californicus slow release

Spider Mite Control-Amblyseius Californicus slow release
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The Amblyseius californicus will benefit many potted plants and trees. It can also be applied more plentiful to plants with a low damage threshold, such as pot plants, and clear up any early signs of mite infestation. It is very effective on various types of spider mites, broad mites and thrips are also on the menu. This predatory mite works well at both low (48-F) and high temperatures (98-F) and do not hibernate. The A. californicus is good resistance to drought and is more resistant to chemical pesticide. The Amblyseius californicus is effective against various spider mites, two-spotted spider mite, fruit spider mite, citrus red mite and red palm mite) and is additionally effective against several tarsonemid mites. The advantages of A. californicus in slow-release bags it produces at least 1,000 predatory mites with savings on labor, compared to manual release. The A. californicus Improved preventative capabilities and trouble-free application with excellent combative action. Keep in mind that the A. californicus is designed as slow release sachets for preventive introductions. If presence of A. californicus is needed quickly, it is recommended to introduce from bottles at the start of the program. You will receive 100 sachets/box producing 1,000 A. californicus per sachet. The advantages of A. californicus in slow-release bags improved preventative capabilities and excellent combative action.

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