Aphidius colemani

Aphidius colemani
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Aphidius colemani is an amazing parasitic wasp that stings it's aphid victim and lays its egg directely inside the aphid. In a couple of days, the aphid die and begin to swell up, and as it swells a new parasitic wasp is developed and will soon emerge. Once the new parasitic wasp emerges and is able to fly, it will sting more aphids, lay more eggs, and continue the cycle again.

Aphidius is a good searcher, and can locate new aphid colonies when aphid populations are low.

Aphidius is shipped as parasitized aphid mummies from which adults will emerge, or as newly emerged adults. Apply 500 to 3,000 Aphidius per acre.

A parasitic wasp that attacks several species of aphids. Used mostly in greenhouses producing vegetables and ornamentals. Adult wasps are black 2-3 mm long with long antennae and narrow mid drifts. Adult females lay eggs from their abdomen by quickly curling their abdomen and puncturing an aphid simultaneously with their ovipositor. The egg, once inside the aphid, will hatch into a larva and consume the aphid. The larvae then pupates (spins a cocoon) inside the dead aphid. The mummified aphid swells into a characteristic round, golden brown mummy. The emerging adult will cut a symmetrical hole at the bottom end to escape from the mummified aphid.

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